Data from Mobile Marine Seismology

Reminder: the loan of instruments depends (among other things) on making the data available for archiving and distribution by the Epos-France information system (SI-Epos-France). The SMM park supplies data and metadata to the SI-Epos-France. The person in charge of the acquisition campaign commits to participating in their verification and in provide the SMM Node A with all information on positioning, orientation, synchronization and clock drifts, as well as any updates to these values.

The creation of an SMM Node A within the SI-Epos-France, is an essential component of the project to optimize the archiving and availability to the scientific community of the data acquired as part of this Specific Action. All data collected by the instruments are distributed via the seismology data portal ( after transmission from node A to node B of the SI-Résif, which centralizes and distributes all seismological data.

Data is restricted for a default period of 3 years. This period can be reduced to 0, 1 or 2 years at the request of the person responsible for the acquisition campaign, or extended to 5 years at his or her express and justified request. Metadata is freely accessible as soon as it is integrated into the SI-Epos-France.