Objectives of the Mobile Marine Seismology specific action

The objectives of the SMM SA are to :

  • Federate the French scientific community using Mobile Marine Seismology (SMM);
  • Offer French researchers access to a range of instruments suited to high-quality scientific research:
    • Through a single access/request portal;
    • With transparent, scientifically sound selection criteria;
    • With a rapid assessment of the technical feasibility of the request, the availability of instruments for the desired period (with the inherent uncertainty of ongoing project schedules) and the cost of their deployment. This assessment can be included in requests for funding and boat time.
  • Archive data from these instruments in the Epos-France data center (CD, physically located in Grenoble) in order to :
    • Guarantee the longevity of the data and its metadata;
    • Make data available to the national and international community after a pre-defined embargo period.
  • Ensure that the technical teams involved in data acquisition are cited;
  • Extend the database to other types of marine instruments by creating data and metadata adapted to the Epos-France CD;
  • Ensure that the infrastructure meets the needs of the scientific community.

In order to achieve these general objectives, the activities of the Epos-France SMM Specific Action are organized into four activities:

  • the National Instrumentation Facility ;
  • Rapid response ;
  • Validation and dissemination of metadata by the SMM A-Node;
  • Data enhancement.