Organisation of the Mobile Marine Seismology action

The oversight committee

Monitors and coordinates all SMM activities, and ensures technical and logistical coordination between users and instrument facilities. It is the final arbiter for requests to use SMM instruments in the event of conflicting programming dates. Its decisions are based on scientific and/or feasibility criteria, using external assessments of scientific projects (CNFH, ANR, etc.) where possible. It also ensures coordination between the divisions and the SMM Node A of the information system.

The committee comprises :

  • One manager (appointed by the Epos-France Scientific Committee),
  • One representative from each instrument facility (Geoazur, IPGP, Geo-Ocean),
  • One representative from each of the institutes owning the instruments (CNRS, IRD, IFREMER),
  • Three independant scientific experts appointed by the Epos-France Scientific Committee.

The instrument facilities

Each instrument facility appoints a scientific manager and a technical manager.

Instrument facility managers :

  • Géoazur : Audrey Galve & Davide Oregioni
  • IPGP : Wayne Crawford & Romuald Daniel
  • Geo-Ocean : Sara Bazin & Pascal Pelleau